SP, Accuses Lulzim Basha

25/04/2011 16:30

Socialist Party Deputy Sajmir Tahiri accused the Democratic Party
candidate for Mayor of Tirana, Lulëzim Basha, regarding the ownership of
three passports, for concealing his wealth and for giving fake wealth
declaration for the sale of a house in Netherlands.

“He sold a house in 2008, but why did he declare it as sold in 2007? How is it possible that the house sold in 2007, he sold it again in 2008 with the same price as one year before? Where did he find the money to repay a mortgage to a Dutch bank one year before selling his house? How is it possible that a minister has obliged the Albanian state to give him three diplomatic passports, all of them valid at the same time? The Albanians will bring Sali Berisha to justice with the vote of May 8th elections”, Tahiri said.

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