Scandal with Tirana voters’ list

04/05/2011 19:40

Top Channel has secured a list with at least 1.000 names that can vote in
two voting centers. This scandal was also published in the “Shqip”

The list clearly indicates that the same people can vote in a commune where they used to vote, but also in their new Tirana residence.

What attracts the attention is the fact that Paskuqan Commune residents will mainly vote in the Tirana voting centers, which could easily deform the election results, favoring the political subject they belong to.

The list that Top Channel has been able to secure shows that some of these persons can vote in two locations that have a very great distance between each other, as in the case of Tropoja citizens that can vote in Tirana.

But the most flagrant fact in this list is that 90% of the people can vote in two Tirana communes that are very near with each other, or people who can vote for the Tirana Municipality and also for a commune that is very near the Albanian capital city.

The Municipal Units where these duplications have mostly taken place are Municipal Unit no. 1 and no. 3.

Top Channel