Residents discontented with the factory

11/06/2011 20:30

The residents around the Cement Factory in Fushe Kruje complain about their living conditions.

The police arrested several among them, accused for blowing off with explosive the roads and electrical lines used by the cement factory.

According to the residents, life in Zalle village has become impossible, due to the explosions and the pollution created by the factory.

The residents have the support of their village reeve, who says that there have been frequent disagreements between the residents and factory representatives.

One of these disagreements is the compensation of the original land owners.

Any time that the agreement changed or the factory refused to increase the compensation amount, there have been dynamite explosions that damage the factory.

Police has taken under custody several persons.

The first explosion happened right after the privatization of the factory. When Former Prime Minister Ilir Meta declared that he would visit the factory for inspecting the investment, a considerable amount of dynamite exploded and blocked the road.

Electric high voltage posts that supply the factory with energy have been frequently attacked.

Same as the bridges that connect this factory with national roads, the electric posts have been immediately repaired.

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