Rama: violence towards state administration should end

23/04/2011 20:30

The next stop of Edi Rama’s electoral tour was Përmet, from where he presented the candidate for the municipality, Gilbert Jace.

From the town of the Frashëri brothers, the opposition leader mentioned the pressure, which, according to him, has been exerted towards the Albanian left centered voters.

“May 8th is the day to vote not only for the best choice in every municipality and commune, but also to liberate once and for all the teachers of Albania, the doctors and all other state administration employees, from this regime that on May 8th should receive a clear message: no more!”, Rama said.

Mr. Rama said that Albania stands today at a crossroad, from where they get out only by voting against the coalition of shame, as Rama called it, the coalition Berisha-Meta.

“We should go together at the ballot boxes and protest with our popular vote against the regime that robbed everyone”, Rama said.

Rama concluded his speech by saying that Berisha’s regime is at the end of its days, which now is trying to impose itself with violence and fear.

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