Rama: Earthquake reconstruction work, facilitated by foreign workers

18/02/2020 18:11

Newly returned from the Brussels conference, the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that the country will not only receive from abroad the money for reconstruction, but also the labor force that Albania lacks.

Rama appeared today in Durres at a damaged apartment block under reconstruction, where he faced complaints of lack of workers. “This is the main problem, not only you but for the whole of Albania. We want work, we want work … but when it comes to jobs they want only state adminsitration jobs and don’t even like getting qualified when they’re told. Nevertheless we have passed the law facilitating the introduction of foreign workers. Absurd as this may seem, this is the situation. to be. In this country everyone complains about lack of jobs from the coffee shop chairs”, stated Rama.

In addition to foreign workers from abroad, the Prime Minister also requested the engagement of municipalities’ employees, for whom he sought double-employment.

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