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Rama: “DP is going back to their boycott tent, now inside the Parliament”

12/10/2017 00:00

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, declared that the Democratic
Party is going back to their pre-election agenda, when they were
protesting in a boycotting tent.

“They use freedom to complain about its freedom, rather than using it for their agenda, which remains the same as before the elections, only that now they are doing it inside the Parliament. They have reopened the tent that the Albanian people destroyed on June 25th. This opposition has no head, no team, no responsibility and it cannot take responsibility”, Rama declared.

Rama released this declaration after the Parliament Speaker, Gramoz Ruci, canceled today’s session when MP Nokaj refused to leave the floor after he was banned from today’s session. Noka was banned by Ruci because he usurped the podium, claiming that PM Rama had insulted former DP leader, Sali Berisha, during his speech.

“We are in a very difficult position, because we cannot convince the opposition that the Parliament is not a pub for drunk people, as it used to be for the past years. That Parliament died on June 25th, and this one will function only based on the rules that we have written together, approved together. We agreed that the majority’s leader and the opposition’s leader will both speak with the same period of time. This is how the Parliament will operate, based on this rule that we wrote together”, Rama said.

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