Prosecution’s demand for Tahiri’s arrest: “Investigation started after media reports”

21/10/2017 21:38

The Council of Mandates and regulations gathered today by request of the
Prosecution of Serious Crimes to remove the immunity of former Interior
Minister, MP Saimir Tahiri, and remove his immunity.

Tahiri was present in this meeting with his lawyer, Artan Hajdaraj, while the Prosecution was represented by Besnik Hajdarmataj, Elizabeta Imeraj and Vladimir Mara.

Tahiri demanded for the meeting to be held behind closed doors, due to the secrecy of the investigation, but the request was refused and the meeting continued in presence of the media.

Hajdarmataj said that Tahiri had been using the vehicle he had sold to the Habilaj gang members. For this reason, Tahiri is accused of trafficking narcotics by aiding an organized criminal gang, and of passive corruption.

The Prosecutors declared that the investigation started based on the information circulating in the media for the surveillance made by Italian authorities.

However, the Prosecution says there is reasonable doubt to demand his arrest, so that Tahiri cannot destroy evidence.

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