Population Registration, Red and Black Alliance: Greece, author of the law

04/05/2011 10:45

Red and Black Alliance accused Greece of being the author of the law on
population registration on ethnic bases. RBA executive leader, Redi
Ramaj, asked the Albanian Minister of Innovation, Genc Pollo to not
remain silent and respond to the Greek Parliament.

“Greece has just started its territorial pretenses. This proves the accusations that Greece is the author of the law on population registration on ethnic bases”, Ramaj declared.

According to him, the conditions that have been set by Greece for population registration on ethnic bases are unacceptable.

Red and Black Alliance: Albanian city names

The Red and Black Alliance started a new initiative for changing Albanian town names with of Slavic origin. Kreshnik Spahiu declared from Pogradec that they will propose a new draft-law for toponyms, in order to change the town names of Slavic origin.

Registration, Spahiu: Protest, this October

The Vice Chairman of the High Council of Justice declared that Greece cannot impose Albania to perform population registration on ethnic bases, while the Greek government itself has not applied this procedure, although being an EU member.
“Greece doesn’t recognize ethnic and national minorities in its territory. We denounce the servitude of the Albanian government towards Greece”, Spahiu declared, warning that the protests of Red and Black Alliance would start this October.

The historian Pellumb Xhufi emphasized that the population registration, through the criteria that has been assigned by law, marks a flagrant confrontation with the international convent.

“This type of registration is in full contradiction with the Constitution. The first alarm bells about this registration rang since 2004”, Xhufi added.

The member list of the Red and Black Alliance is getting bigger every day, with many intellectuals joining their ranks. RBA declared that the Albanian Parliament MPs have infringed the Constitution by voting on behalf of absent MPs.

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