Political crisis didn’t affect tourism. More foreign visitors this year

19/05/2017 00:00

Despite the unstable political situation, foreigners have kept visiting Albania.

The Institution of Statistics reported that the number of foreign citizens entering the country increased with 13.4% the first four months of the year.

961.000 foreigners have visited Albania from January to April, a significant increase comapred to 848.000 for the same period of one year ago.

Data show that 98.3% of the foreigners visit Albania for personal reasons, but the number of tourists has increased significantly, although the tourist season has not started yet.

INSTAT says that if last January-April there were a total of 91.500 foreigners visiting our country for tourism, their number has increased to 234.700, or 2.6 times more.

Albanians have also traveled more, with 1.47 million people going abroad during the January-April period, or 5.8% more than the same period of one year ago.

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