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Parliamentary session canceled when MP Noka refuses to leave after banned for usurping podium

12/10/2017 00:00

Parliament Speaker Gramoz Ruci interrupted the parliamentary session for
a second time this Thursday, adjourning it to tomorrow morning.

Ruci took this decision on the regulation of the Parliament, which states that when an MP that is banned from that session refuses to leave the floor, the session is interrupted and adjourned to the next day.

The MP who refused to leave the session was Flamur Noka, who challenged the decision of Speaker Ruci for banning him from today’s session.

Everything started when Sali Berisha opposed some aspects of the law for minorities: “I have nothing against the law, but whoever knows the Constitution, understands that this law cannot be drafted by the Foreign Ministry. This is a conflict between mafia clans within the government”, Berisha declared.

At this moment, PM Rama was heard saying “you’ve gone crazy”, a statement addressed to the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha. This action was opposed by MP Flamur Noka, who usurped the podium in protest and rejected Ruci’s appeals to leave the area.

In these conditions, Ruci banned him from the session.

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