Mogherini: Albania deserves EU accession negotiations

18/06/2019 16:51

The EU representative for Foreign Policy, Federica Mogherini, reiterated the importance of opening the EU accession negotiations for Albania and Northern Macedonia.

The EU Chief Diplomat appealed the European countries to take a positive decision for these two countries. Mogherini reminded how the Prespa Agreement was signed exactly one year ago.

“We must remember the power of leadership and courage that were undertaken in Western Balkan. The member countries must keep this in mind and appreciate the steps that were taken. Especially because in the upcoming days, an important decision will be taken for opening the EU accession negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania, which I think that should be done the soonest possible”, Mogherini declared.

Although most of the EU countries are in favour of opening the EU accession negotiations, the final decision may be postponed to September.


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