Minister Bushati and six MPs of the opposition suspended for 10 days from Parliament

12/04/2018 20:01

After today’s scuffle in the Parliament session, the Bureau of the Parliament decided to suspend six opposition MPs and Minister Bushati for 10 days.

The opposition MPs are: “Edi Paloka, Flamur Noka, Klevis Balliu, Ervin Salianji, Kejdi Mehmetaj, Endrit Braimllari.

The MPs of the opposition tried to throw flour against the Prime Minister during today’s session. Foreign Minister Bushati, sitting close to Rama, responded by throwing water against the opposition MPs.

The MPs who were suspended reacted for the media:

Flamur Noka: “I bought flour from the Kukes citizens. That’s what they could afford, but this Prime Minister wants some other kind of flour.”

Salianji: “You have no evidence that I have done any damage. We had heard that flour is the only way that brings him to senses. We brought it to Parliament”.

Endrit Braimllari, SMI: “The Prime Minister offended Albanians. It may look like poetry to you but that is the biggest offence ever made to this people. This Prime Minister has lost his legitimacy to lead. Everything is now up to the people. The Foreign Minister behave like an ordinary. He provoked the opposition by throwing water”.

Klevis Balliu, DP: “The Prime Minister offended the people of Albania and no measure was taken against him. 11 Kukes citizens are in prison. The fight with this majority will continue inside and outside the Parliament”.

Minister Bushati was not present.


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