“Liria” University Building inaugurated

13/06/2011 15:45

Former ‘Kinoklubi’ building at the ‘Students Town’, where 20 years ago,
hundreds of students entered in a hunger strike that ended by
overthrowing the statue of Dictator Enver Hoxha, today is named “Liria”

The rector of Tirana University, Dhori Kule, declared that more than 1000 students will learn in the Faculty of Justice and Social Sciences, besides which will be built the university campus.

“I feel proud that in the 55th anniversary of its creation, the Tirana University will start constructing near the “Liria” building the university campus that will have 15,000 more students”, Kule declared.

The Prime Minister Sali Berisha was present in this ceremony, saying that the dream of those students was finalized today. According to him, Albania is one of the countries with the most stable macro-economic system in Europe, but that is facing another challenge: that of entering the big European Family.

“Albania belongs today to the group of countries with medium and high income. The income per capita for this country is around 7600 USD, 30 times more than before, like in no other European country. No country in the history of freedom has ever made quicker steps in the road towards development. Our second dream is to push Albania in the group of developed countries as quickly as possible”, Berisha declared.

The Albanian Prime Minister underlined that reforms in education are one of main challenges of his government, which will increase the quality of Albanian students’ diplomas.

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