Law for fishing control

25/04/2011 16:55

The new fishing law will forbid fishing with dredges from June to September, since many fishes are facing extinction.

Besides the measures for controlling the fishing and lowering informality, the Ministry of the Environment is trying to strengthen fish markets planned to be built at the main Albanian ports.

“It would be extremely necessary to have a powerful relation with the state and private structures that are ready to invest in the fish markets; to built and extend this connection that is indispensable for walking in the right road of the implementation of this law”, said Environment Minister, Fatmir Mediu.

A fish market is expected to be built next year at the Shengjin port, the cost of which is thought to be 70 million ALL.
Our country counts at least 280 fishing ships and 300 smaller vessels, the conditions of which are not good.

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