Italian singer Al Bano receives Albanian citizenship

20/06/2016 00:00

The Italian famous singer, Albano Carmelo Carrisi, has just received
Albanian citizenship, giving this way one more special status to his
good relations with Albania. In an interview for Top Channel, Al Bano
confesses the emotions:

“It was a very beautiful thing. President Bamir Topi gave me some time ago the special title ‘Mother Theresa of Calcuta’, which was another very special moment. My relations with Albania have always been pleasant”, Albano Carrisi said.

He grew up hearing stories from his father, who was a soldier in Albania during the war.

“I have always heard about Albania when I was a child, because my father was sent here during a time of war. He guaranteed me he has never killed anyone, because he valued human life. In 1989 he said he wanted to visit Albania before he died and all the places where he had served as a soldier”, Albano says.

Albano built relations with our country even during the communist isolation.

Some time ago he was honored with the “Skanderbeg Order”. Songs like “Felicita”, “Ci Sara” and “Liberta” have left excellent marks in the European top lists. He has sold 165 million albums and has been rewarded with 26 golden discs, 8 platinum and many others.

Top Channel