Italian head of Anti-Corruption meets with Albanian Justice Minister

11/01/2018 18:12

The Head of the Anticorruption Authority in Italy, Raffaele Cantone, thinks that Albania needs to reinforce the Prosecution and Judiciary systems in order to fight and prevent corruption.

The Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj, whose ministry coordinates the national anti-corruption strategy, held a meeting with Cantone to discuss a bilateral cooperation agreement.

“Albania needs to put in practice a series of activities related to preventing corruption. Albania has a series of institutions and authorities that have been working with this matter for years. Coordination mechanisms are needed so that the authorities can make visible what is happening right now. I am convinced that we need to work in two directions with transparency for administrative authorities, not only for central, but also for local institutions. Also conflicts of interests and work to avoid independent officials from having conflicts with the interests of the public administration”, said Raffaele Cantone.

3500 prison officers will also go through the anticorruption vetting.

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