Interior Minister: “Police has no spying equipment. PG confirmed investigations”

18/05/2016 00:00

Prokurori i Përgjithshëm Adriatik Llalla ishte i fundit që raportoi para
Komisionit të Sigurisë mbi hetimet e nisura lidhur me çështjen e

The Prosecutor General, Adriatik Llalla, was the last personality summoned by the Commission of Security on the investigations related to the surveillance matter.

He confirmed the start of the investigations regarding this matter. According to the Prosecutor General, the investigations have started on May 13th: “The Prosecution has carried out a series of important actions right after we started the investigations, and we are now waiting for the results”, Llalla declared at the Security Commission.

The Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri, reported at the Security Commission right after the Secret Service Director. Tahiri denied categorically that the State Police had any spying equipment.

“There has never been, and never will there be a spying equipment. The state police is making everything possible to reform the security sector and give citizens a new standard. I am ready to wait for an answer from the Prosecution regarding this matter. I have made everything available for the investigation carried out by the Prosecution. There is a training program to prepare police officers, and the experience with international partners is the biggest assistance they could give us”, Tahiri said.

Earlier the day, the Chief of the State Police, Haki Cako, reported in front of the Security Commission by saying that the State Police has never spied phone conversations.

“The police has no equipment for spying phone conversations. Keeping track of a suspect is another concept. We have never owned any equipment for hearing conversations”, Cako said.

The Secret Service Director, Visho Ajazi, was questioned by the Commission and said that the equipment had entered the country two months ago, and his institution had carried out theduty of informing the state institutions for a possibly dangerous equipment entering the country. Ajazi said that he shared this information with the Prosecutor General, verbally, but not with the Prime Minister, since he had not confirmed the existence and purpose of this equipment yet. He also answered to the President’s invitation to give details about the equipment, which, according to him, is still in Vlore.

When asked by the members of the commission a few minutes later, he said that this is an equipment that would be of good service for the law enforcing institutions, but he confirmed once again that it has entered in Albania only for training reasons and that he has no information if it is used for spying.

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