Haradinaj: “Kosovo should focus on visa liberalization. Border changes, a dangerous idea”

11/09/2018 21:42

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, tried to shift attention away from the usual comments of recent days, regarding the border with Serbia.

He said that the most important matter for Kosovo right now is the visa liberalization issue, and that’s where the government is focusing its attention.

As for the idea for changing borders, Prime Minister says it is a very dangerous issue for the country.

“Dialogue is an important topic and it has our interest. The government has stood up to its obligations as never before. You know that Mr.Arifi is the representative of our delegation. We have proposed Limaj as the director of the political delegation in the dialogue talks. I hope that the opposition will support him as well, because we don’t have the Serbian List. We will see how things will go on this matter. It is in Kosovo’s best interest to progress”, Haradinaj said.


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