Gjirokaster, historical house crumbles

04/05/2011 12:00

The roof of a historical museum house in Gjirokastra has crumbled this moning.

The building was restored some time ago, but despite the investment, the roof has crumbled. It is one of most visible houses at the historical area, visited each day by thousands of tourists.

Official reports say that the damage was caused by the heavy rainfalls.

The Director of Monuments, Spartak Drasa, said that this building was about to be restored very soon. The intervention that was planned for 2012 has been accelerated, because the building is situated at the characteristic Gjirokastra Bazaar, an area visited each day by hundreds of pedestrians and foreign tourists. 

Many funds were given for the city of Gjirokaster, a part of which were used for the restoration of the facades and for changing some of the old windows. Despite the investments, the historical buildings are crumbling.

Gjirokaster entered under the protection of UNESCO in 2005. Since that time, the city has received a series of restoration funds by the Albanian government. Beside the typical houses, the funds have been used also for the 300 year old bazaar.

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