Gjirokaster, fires continue to burn pastures

12/08/2011 15:55

The fires in Gjirokaster remain very concerning, although the temperatures have not risen. Only in the last 24 hours there have been 22 fires in Gjirokaster and Tepelene, half of which burst one day ago.

Top-Channel correspondent reports from Gjirokaster that authorities have not published a damage report yet, but preliminary assumptions suggest that the fires have not destroyed only pastures, but also a significant part of the forests and olive grooves.

A great fire in Tepelena has burned a considerable area of olive groves, while in “Uji i Ftohte” the flames have destroyed a big forest area and several hectares of pasturage.

While Gjirokaster fires, the authors of which remain unknown, have damaged a pine forest near Libohove. Three houses were threatened by the nearby flames between Libohova and Nepravishta, while another dangerous fire approached to Andon Poci and Cepun villages. The problem is that Gjirokaster district has only three fire departments which are not enough to intervene in all locations. Police units have given the biggest help for putting the fires out.

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