Gjirokaster, fire damages plantations

11/08/2011 16:25

11 fires spread today in the entire Gjirokaster district, by even damaging fruit trees, olive groves and vineyards.

A fire that was intentionally set for burning the pasture near “Uji i Ftohte”, Tepelena, has burned a massive oak area. The firefighters were not able to intervene, due to the difficult terrain and the lack of appropriate vehicles.

Other fires burst in Andon Poci and Cepune villages, very near to local residences.

Another fire burned a pine tree area in Libohova, while the town residents were notified that flames could come towards them from “Mali i Gjere”.

The firefighters intervened, but according to the authorities, if it continues with this pace, the situation could go out of control. The wind and the high temperatures have made the fires to extend in wider areas by burning hundreds of hectares in pastures and forests around the district.

The police warned that arsony is a criminal act and that they will continue to investigate whoever sets the fire.

The police have arrested five people, including the person that was accused for last night’s fire that damaged several villages in Odrie and Lunxheri. 15 others are being investigated by the police.

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