Gjinushi: “Agreement between Rama and Basha is illegal. Kills smaller parties”

18/05/2017 00:00

After Rama and Basha published the details of their agreement, the
smaller parties from both political camps don’t share the same

Fatmir Mediu of the Republican Party and Skender Gjinushi of the Social Democrats.

On Top Channel’s “Top Story”, hosted by Sokol Balla, Mediu referred to an announcement of the PJIU leader, Shpetim Idrizi: “Let’s hope we don’t see what Idrizi feared, that DP and SP would want to enter the elections alone, without other actors”, Mediu said.

For the Republicans, the opposition must reflect after the current situation.

“Basha guaranteed us that there would be a reflection from the electoral point of view, regarding the Democratic Party’s relation with the opposition parties”, he said.

Skender Gjinushi, from the Social Democerats, said that the agreement between the DP and SP breaks the Electoral Code.

“This is a huge political trick, because coalitions cannot be left out. Making coalitions is a universal right, and we are talking about an unfair political game. I don’t know how the President with postpone the elections with one week”, he said.

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