Former Kosovo Minister appeals PM Rama to cancel meeting with Serbian President

12/12/2019 20:27

After the President of Serbia denied the Recak massacre, the former Kosovo Minister for Environment and Space planning, Albena Reshitaj, appealed the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, to boycott the next meeting in Durres with the Serbian President, Alexandar Vucic, in which they are expected to discuss the mini-Schengen.

Reshitaj said that Rama shouldn’t sit in a table with Vucic, who keeps denying the horrible crimes committed by Serbs during the war in Kosovo, since that would be an offense to the victims of the relatives, to the state of Kosovo and to all the people of Albania.

“Many children, men, and women were buried years ago under the flag that you are representing, and it was considered as one of the most horrible massacres in Balkan. As a co-national, but also as an MP of Kosovo, I would ask you to cancel the meeting of December 21st in Durres, with the man who rather than offering an apology, keeps denying the crimes of the then-Serbian regime, a government he also was part of”, Reshitaj declared.

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