Fier, entire family lost in car crash

12/08/2011 23:15

The gravest road accident for this year happened last night in Fier,
where four people lost their lives and one of them is in serious

The accident took place near Mollas village, Fier, in the national axis Levan-Tepelene, around 22:15. The vehicle that transported five people has gone off road.
The couple Pellumb and Anife Ismaili, 55 and 52 years old, died on the spot together with their two sons, Arjan and Ismail Ismaili, 23 and 28 years old.

The wife of one of the sons, Suela Ismaili, was sent in Fier hospital, in very serious conditions. The family was travelling to their home in Gorishove, Fier district, after paying a visit to some relatives in Permet.

Speed may be the main cause of the accident, making the driver unable to manoeuvre the vehicle and going off road.

Police started the investigation and their preliminary result is that the vehicle has not respected speed norms in the newly built Levan-Tepelene highway.

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