EU Ambassador: Dialogue must start with the judiciary reform

13/09/2019 18:44

After signing the Financial Agreement IPA 2018, between Albania and the European Commission, with 42 million Euros given for the judiciary reform, the EU Ambassador in Tirana, Luigi Soreca, spoke about the political crisis, the judiciary reform, and the negotiations.

“I think that Albania is ready to open the negotiations. Our citizens have their hopes on the judiciary reform, and it is coming in an important moment. We expect Albania to go back to the family it has always been a part of. The contacts between the Albanian government and the other actors of the agreement that was signed today prove the commitment of the EU to Albania”, Soreca said.

Soreca said that they were hoping for a positive decision regarding Albania’s EU accession negotiations in June and that the EU has asked the Albanian political parties to sit and dialogue, especially for specific matters such as the electoral reform.

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