EMP Fajon warns that Balkan could change orientation if EU leaders don’t keep promise

11/01/2018 21:15

“If European leaders will not keep their promises for Balkan, the region could take another orientation”, said the European MP, Tanya Fajon, in an interview for Euronews.

While Bulgaria takes its turn of the EU presidency, the former Rapporteur for the visa liberalization of Albania appeals to give more perspective to citizens of the region and open borders to youth.

Otherwise, she warns, Western Balkan could lose patience.

“If the European Union leaders are not aware of what’s at stake here, and if they don’t keep the promise for enlargement, we will lose the region very soon and it will enter in political and economic instability. We see an increase of nationalism among new generations”, said Tanya Fajon, European MP.

Bulgaria will organize an informal summit of Western Balkan countries on May 17th.

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