Easter, archbishop

24/04/2011 09:05

The Archbishop of Tirana, Durres and all Albania, Anastas Janullatos, reminded the suffering, the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, asking the orthodox devotees that following the Christ, they will walk in the light of resurrection and constant renewal.

“The celebration of Easter, my dear brothers, helps us look at the pain, at the everyday problems, from small to big pains, until the suffering of death, through another perspective. Seeing the Christ that was crucified and resurrected, experiencing our pain together with him, we enjoy in advance the peace of multidimensional resurrection”, the archbishop said.

“Let as share together with benevolence the sorrows of those who stare near us, taking care and relieving the resurrection faith and our love expressed with concrete actions”, said the archbishop and concluded the speech with the words: “Christ is risen!”

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