Diber, explosion kills siblings

29/06/2011 08:45

An explosion inside a residence took the life of two siblings this
morning, in Brest village of Katriot Commune, Diber district. The
victims are the two children of Arif Kurti, resident in this village.

The 19 year old Malvin Kurti was the first to pass away from the explosion, and right after him, his 20 year old sister, Nexhmie Kurti, lost her life in Peshkopia hospital. Their mother, Violeta Kurti, was severely wounded and was sent to the Military Hospital in Tirana.

After the explosion, the relatives of the victims rushed to send them at the town hospital. The doctors were able to save the mother of the two children, but not her 20 year old daughter.

First investigations suggest that their death was caused by a considerable amount of explosive that was lit by the accidental explosion of a cooking gas cylinder. Police say that the dynamite was prepared for fishing.

Police is trying to identify the exact quantity of explosive, which has also severely damaged the house of Kurti family.

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