Debates for “Russian funds” for Democratic Party at Commission of Laws

07/03/2018 15:49

The investigation published by a US media, claiming that the Democratic Party lobbying company in Washington had ties with Russian companies, spurred discussions today at the Commission of Laws.

The Socialist MP, Alket Hyseni, said that there has been money paid by Russian lobbyists, undeclared at the Central Election Commission. He added that this puts Albania’s national interests at risk.

The Democratic Party MPs denied everything, accusing Prime Minister Rama of sponsoring the investigation.

Ulsi Manja, Socialist Party: “The party that was born as the biggest hope for freedom, is turning out to be a Russian party in a NATO member”.

Dhurata Cupi, DP: “You are the heirs of Stalin, not us”.

The Democratic Party issued a press release, accusing the Socialist Party of funding this news article and claiming they have no direct or indirect ties with Russian individuals or companies.

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