Bence, 200 year old aqueduct needs repairs

13/09/2012 00:00

Bence residents are still using the aqueduct built by Ali Pashe Tepelena as a gift to the area for irrigating their lands.

The construction has 20 bridge legs and arches built of stone and it is among the only constructions built by Ali Pasha Tepelena that is still functional.

The bridge has been damaged by earthquakes and some of the arches are lost. Tourists from all Europe have interest for the construction of Ali Pasha, even because of the mystery that surrounds this figure and his construction.

During the Janina ruling of this area, and especially between 1790-1810, southern Albania has seen the construction of more than 70 public objects, such as rivers, aqueducts, dams, mountainous roads, inns, depots and dozens of buildings. The Bence aqueducts is one of the rarest works that still proves the construction period.

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