Basha refuses to testify at Prosecution for Russian funded lobbying. DP claims Prosecutors pressured for Basha’s arrest

17/06/2019 16:09

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, refused to appear at the Prosecution today, to respond regarding an investigation for illegal lobbying through Russian-funded companies in the USA.

Basha said that the request of the Prosecution is illegal, as they haven’t presented any evidence about the case in question.

The Prosecution has specified that Basha should be taken to testify even by force.

After this, Basha’s bodyguard met with the Interior Minister, and then Basha said that he has received threats.

The President of Albania, Ilir Meta, immediately called the Head of the Secret Service, and the National Guard Commander, to discuss Basha’s security after the threats.

Then the Democratic Party issued a declaration and said that the Socialists are pressuring the Prosecution to arrest Lulzim Basha.

The Democratic Party is accusing the President of the Tirana Prosecution, Elisabeta Imeraj, of pressuring Prosecutors to request the arrest of Lulzim Basha, following Edi Rama’s instructions.

“This illegal pressure is being done by Prosecutor Elisabeta Imeraj, by direct order of PM Rama”, the DP said.

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