Arrests in the Pristina commune

03/05/2011 20:55

Kosovo police has arrested six high officials of the Pristina commune for power abuse.

According to police sources, the arrested persons are Ridvan Shahini, director of infrastructure, Ekrem Rexha, chief of prosecution, Qazim Bajrami, director of the observing commission, Halil Fejziu, emmber of the observing commission, and Refik Sadiku, chief of the observing commission.

The directory of Economic Crime Investigations and Corruption at the Kosovo Police notifies that the six arrested persons are suspected of power abuse.

After being questioned by the police, the six persons have been taken under custody for 48 hours, by order of the prosecution.

These arrests come right after the accusations that the head of the Pristina Commune made against the Kosovo Police.

Mustafa accused police members of brutal behavior during a control in the commune premises.

After this declaration, there were reactions also by the Interior Ministry and high ranking Kosovo Police officials.

A few days after, six high officials of the commune that is leaded by Mustafa have been arrested.

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