Argentine Tango in Tirana

11/09/2017 00:00

The Argentine Tango arrives in Tirana, as a way to promote relations
between different cultures, but also to revive a dance genre that has
been very popular in our country until the ‘70s.

“I am very happy to be here in Tirana, Albania, to present the Second International Festival of Argentine Tango. Special guest will be the great tango master, Roberto Herrera, accompanied by other noted dancers. The festival will be on from September 29thand 30th to October 1st “, said Ricardo Astrada, dancer.

Maestro Astrada tells what the main element of tango is.

“When we embrace the lady and she embraces us back, the heated atmosphere of tango is felt”, the dancer says.

The Argentine Tango focuses on its originality and also attracts tourists in Tirana who love this culture.

“There will be Argentine folk music. We have three different DJ and two dancing couples, one from Argentina, one from Italy. There is a culture mix”, says Sara Shahu, dancer.

“We are happy to bring our Argentine music here, and our folklore for all of you”, says Javier Astrada, musician.

DJs from Turkey, Greece and Italy will be a connecting bridge between these countries and Albania, to attract more youth to Tango.

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