Albanian vote may help determine presidential elections in Northern Macedonia

22/04/2019 16:48

The name of the new president of Northern Macedonia will be made public on May 5th, after the second round.

None of the candidates could get the necessary number of votes for declaring victory in the first round.

The candidate of the ruling Social Democrat coalition, Stevo Pendarovski, is leading with 42.85%. The VMRO-DPMNE candidate, Gordana Siljanovska Davkova follows with 42.24%, and the third on the list, the Albanian Blerim Reka from Besa received 10.57%.

The opposition candidate, Davkova, said that the Albanian candidate has received Albanian votes belonging to the opposition, and this makes her trust for a victory in the second round. The Social Democrat candidate was also very optimistic.

The next round will be held on May 5th.


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