Albanian PM praises the OFL operation: Imprisonment is not enough, they must be stripped of their assets

12/02/2020 17:31

On the 10th day of the Operation Force of Law launch, the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said in a parliament session that he was pleased but criticized negative comments from certain Albanian analysts, without naming them.

“We have shocked organized crime. They are so shocked that crime-related names come out in the television with the aim to protect it or to relativize the acts of people who have made their wealth by killing. The crime related politicians are the ones talking the loudest about how crime is related to politics”, stated Rama.

The prime Minister then argued that the law amendments are necessary for the seizure of crime asstes.

“This offensive is not a game, it’s an operation that stabs organized crime in the heart. Imprisoning these people is in fact like taking the professors for postgraduate studies, because in prison they are comfortable and may have connections as far as the US, for running their lucrative operations. Prison is not enough for them that is why they must be stripped of their illicit wealth, so it will be impossible for them to drive up and down on their expensive cars, as a challenge to the state”, said Rama.

He added that through the anti-mafia law only, crime bosses not only have not been convicted but have escaped.

“Their dizzying wealth was proved clean. Thousands of square feet of public property is appropriates. We are taking a real risk in a situation where justice is still fragile. But we have SPAK. It is a match as SPAK was born for it”, concluded Rama.

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