Albanian common flu epidemic: 24,000 people affected, two dead from complications

10/02/2020 19:10

Albania is in the midst of a flu epidemic and experts say we have now passed the epidemic threshold and are at the peak of the season.

Viruses are circulating at high intensity and in the first week of February alone 24,000 people were affected by respiratory infections.

So far two people have died from the illness’s complications, was reported by the experts before deputies of the parliamentary health commission.

At a time when the unknown coronavirus is spreading rapidly in 30 regions and territories around the world with nearly 40,500 affected and 910 dead, Albanian remains an infection low-risk country. However measures have been added and a quarantine site is available in the event of the killer virus being detected.

So far, 5 cases have been suspected of showing the new coronavirus symptoms, of people who had been to China, but resulted negative for the deadly decease. /Alma Demiraj/

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