Albania’s election crisis affects Brussels

23/05/2011 20:30

Council of Adriatic and Ionian countries called in Brussels the Albanian Foreign Minister Edmond Haxhinasto.

In coordination with the stance of Tirana government, the Albanian Minister declared that Albania fulfilled the standards required by the international community in these elections.

“I think that yes. I think that this conclusive part of the process will be administered in full accordance with the law, in order to get us all qualified. The international community appealed to give a chance to the legal process to wait for this procedure to finish, and then express the evaluations”, Haxhinasto declared.

In the same time with this declaration of Haxhinasto, EU Council of Foreign Ministers decided to exclude the agreement for Albania’s participation in crisis-resolution operations.

EU officials postponed the discussion on Albania’s elections, scheduled to be discussed together with Belarus, as part of “other issues”.

Council of Adriatic and Ionian Countries, where the Minister Haxhinasto was invited, aims to improve the development of countries that access these seas.

This initiative undertaken by Italy and Slovenia had the support of EU Commission, which will finance joint projects that aim to constantly develop environment, fishing, trade, energy and common war against trafficking.

Although without any border with these seas, Serbia is part of the Council of Adriatic and Ionian seas. Kosovo and Macedonia are expected to join in near future.

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