Albania, Kosovo’s third partner

12/08/2011 16:20

The embargo that Kosovo established against Serbia has strongly
increased the Albanian imports towards Kosovo. Recent data reported by
businesses have surpassed most optimistic expectances.

“Albania used to be the seventh and eighth country for trade exchanges with Kosovo, and now it is ranked third, after EU and Macedonia”, declared Agim Shahini, head of the Kosovo Business Alliance.

The Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Nikolin Jaka declared that there is a notable increase in the trade circulation, and this comes mostly from the sector of construction materials.

Closing borders with Serbia is changing Kosovo’s trade map and their businesses are being oriented towards Albania.

“Albanian businesses should come and stay in Kosovo”, Shahini declared.

Despite the new situation, businesses still face obstacles. Muharrem Osmani, a Kosovo detergent producer says that his attempts for exporting in Albania have failed due to the high taxes of the Albanian government.

Anastas Angjeli, former Minister of Economy declared that now is the moment for new commercial policies that would incite trade between both countries.

“The new climate, the new configuration of the economic and trade structure has created a situation for building a perspective towards a further development of trade relations”, Angjeli declared.

The Kosovo Minister for Economic Development, Besim Beqja declared that Kosovo is going towards this direction and they promise to remove all barriers.

“We must eliminate all barriers, must create a legal structure that enables business to evolve, but not to give orientation”, Beqaj declared.

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