Albania caught between USA and EU after Trump recognized Jerusalem as capital of Israel

07/12/2017 21:44

The Ambassador of Palestine in Albania thinks that the decision of President Donald Trump will encourage violence, giving an alibi to extremists and damaging this way the reformers, who are working for peace with Israel.

The Ambassador of Israel thinks that the decision is right and it should be followed by Albania as well. But exactly this is the question. What will be Albania’s stance?

“Radical groups now can say that they were right. Our voice for a peaceful solution between Palestine and Israel will be very weak. My biggest concern, and that of every citizen in Palestine, Christian or Muslim, is that holy places for Christians and Muslims in Jerusalem will now be at risk. None of us would want to see the Al Aqsa Mosque destroyed one day. This would be the end of all games, not only of the peace process”, declared Yasser Al-Najjar, Ambassador of Palestine in Tirana.

“This is a historic decision from President Trump. Allow me to underline that Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish nation for 3000 years. It is a historic decision because our biggest ally decided to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and move its embassy there. We are grateful for this. We think that this will help resolving the situation. No matter what peaceful solution we will be able to find with our neighbors, Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel”, said Boaz Rodkin, Israeli Ambassador to Tirana.

Both ambassadors have an appeal to Albania.

“We haven’t heard the official statement of the Albanain government. Since Albania has recognized the independence of Palestine in 1988, Albania should not accept such catastrophe against Palestine, which could also go against the Israeli. We understand that the Albanian government has good relations with the Israeli government, but we hope that Albania at least follows the line of the EU, which is your biggest ally, and which you want to access”, said the Ambassador of Palestine.

“I believe that this decision of the USA is an appeal for Albania as well, same as it is for all countries of Europe. They are told that their embassy will be in the capital of this country, and we believe that all embassies should be in the capital of Israel”, said the Israeli Ambassador to Tirana.

Albania has not expressed its official stance yet. Will Albania join European countries such as Germany and France, or will they follow the USA? As an associated member of the EU, Albania has the obligation to approach its foreign policy to the European one. But for the Rome Treaty, which created the International Criminal Court, Albania kept the side of the USA.

As for the raising of the Palestine flag in the UN, Albania voted same as other members of the EU, going against the US stance. The case of Jerusalem is more sensible and it could lead to a new violence escalation in the Middle East. Albania, on the other hand, is in a key moment with the EU, hoping to achieve the accession negotiations next year. This time, it will not be easy to chose.

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