131 Prison employees fired for not paying electricity for 13 years

06/12/2014 00:00

Together with the operation for interrupting illegal connections and
penalizing violators, the authorities have started another operation
against debtors who work in the state administration.

The Ministry of Justice declared that 131 prison employees have been discharged for not paying electricity through the years.

The Minister of Justice, Nasip Naco, ordered the firing of these police officers for not damaging safety in prisons.

After verifications it showed that prisons have 650 officers who have not paid energy. 131 of them were fired because they have not been paying for the past 13 years. The total amount they owe to the government Is 23 million ALL.

This verificaion is being made in every institution, after an order given by the Prime Minister.

Rama posted on Facebook by saying that this law should be respected by everyone.

“Whoever abuses with energy cannot be paid by the taxpayers. Working for the government means being a model for paying electricity, water and other taxes”, Rama declared.

The operation for interrupting illegal power connections has entered its second phase.

All those who pay the entire debt until February 2015 will have 80% of the delay fees discounted. After this decision, plenty of people have been queuing in tolls for making the payment.

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