101st anniversary of independence celebrated in Durres

26/11/2013 00:00

Durres has celebrated the 101st anniversar of independence. In the
solemn ceremony, organized by the city’s municipality, there were local
leaders, veterans, representatives of the religious communities and
Durres citizens.

After the national humn, the flag was raised by Mayor Vangjush Doko, on the same place where Durres Mayor Hafiz Ali Podgorica raised it on November 26th 1912.

Dako valued this as the most important event in the past century history of the coastal city. They commemorated the delegates of Durres: Dom Nikolle Kacorri, Abaz Celkupa, Mustafa Hanxhiu and Jahja Ballhysa, who two days later signed the historic document of independence.

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