Wrong perscription of antibiotics, experts: It is being abused, reduces bodily resistance

27/11/2020 15:29

Although in this situation of covid-19 pandemic antibiotics are widely used, the Institute of Public Health calls for more care in their use as microbial resistance to antibiotics has become a worrying problem worldwide.

Now the focus of doctors is on Covid-19 but the institute of public health in parallel has launched an awareness campaign for doctors on the abuse in the administration of antibiotics.

In this context are mentioned the children in kindergartens and schools who, according to them, are the key to the education of a society. For doctors treating patients with covid-19, IPH has even developed measures to remind them that antibiotics are not ‘candy’.

Many people lose their lives due to infections as the antibiotics used no longer work. Meanwhile the production of a new antibiotic takes a lot of time and has high financial costs, they add.

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