Tax directory, inspecting coastline

23/08/2011 21:25

Tax Investigation Department at the General Tax Office started an
operation for identifying informal businesses around Vlore, Saranda and

According to the official announcement, two bars in Jala were seized, together with one Disco Club in Borsh for conducting unlicensed activities.

The business subjects that operated only during the tourist season were not registered and benefitted more incomes from the high prices of drinks and other products they sold.

They also had none of their employees with paid insurances.

Other inspections were made in 88 business subjects, which were penalized for not responding to legal obligations and for failing to equip their businesses with the fiscal case.

The Tax Office put three fines with a value of 300.000 ALL to the companies that have been authorized to sell and maintain fiscal equipments, because they did not respect the maintenance and installation deadlines.

In total, the Tax Office Task Force gave 47 fines with a total value of 11.770.000 ALL.

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