Rama: International community did not accept robbery

26/05/2011 16:00

The Socialist leader Edi Rama considers May 8th as the day of
opposition’s victory, which, as he said, cannot be undone by Prime
Minister’s efforts and those of his followers for taking Albania’s capital
on the table of Central Election Commission.

According to Rama, the international community spoke clearly, because they couldn’t accept this process that violates vote and democracy. The numbers published by the Central Election Commission, which do not correspond with each other, for SP leader is the clearest indication that the government has manipulated the Albanians’ vote.

“Pressures and threats against the opposition are constant, especially after Berisha’s bitter loss. But we are not impressed by this anymore. On the contrary, this increases our determination and insistence for following this battle until the end. It is not simply for a mandate that is being stolen, but for the future of Albania’s democracy”, Rama declared.

The Electoral College, according the Socialist leader, must rise above any type of pressure, making only national interests a priority.

“Justice must make justice, must say its word. Without seeing left or right, but to the Constitution, the Election Code, the laws of this country and above all, Albania’s national interests”, Rama declared.

Considering CEC decision as a legal cannibalism, the head of the Socialist Party said that nothing could change the bitter loss of the Prime Minister Berisha in these elections.

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