Former cadastral lawyer and Fieri businessman who alienated 2000 m2 of land, are arrested

14/07/2021 15:02

Mikel Zaho, the former lawyer of the Durrës Cadastre, has been previously arrested for alienation of property in the area of ​​Kepi i Rodonit, while today he was arrested for another similar case in the area of ​​Rrashbull.

After 6 months of investigation, the police arrested 62-year-old Iliaz Fisheku, businessman in Fier, Giraon Aliko, 36, business partner of the former, and Mikel Zahon, 43, a former lawyer in the Durrës Cadastre offices.

Lawyer Zaho, after the criminal proceedings in the case of Cape Rodon, was appointed to ACA Kamëz-Vora.

The above-mentioned have registered forged documents in the mortgage registry of Durrës, alienating a real estate 2000 m2 of land and 550 m2 in building, in the coastal area in the village of Vrinjë, Rrashbull Administrative Unit, Durrës district. The property was registered in the cadastre with forged documents, in the name of citizens Erion Aliko and Rakip Haxhiu.

For the registration of this property in the coastal area of ​​Durrës, falsified documents of the legalization permit for the 550m2 building ​​and land area of ​​2000 m2 were manipulated with Photoshop, used and deposited.

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