Election campaign / Meta on Rama’s coalition offer: Fake as that of 17th May

15/04/2021 19:15

President Ilir Meta has commented for the first time on the public invitation that the Prime Minister Edi Rama of the Socialist Party made to the Democratic leader Lulzim Basha, on the condition that the latter distance himself from Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha.

Meta said that Rama’s invitation is as sincere as the one in 17 of May 2017, calling it false, as the parties that want a coalition announce it before the elections, so that the citizens are convinced who are voting for.

“Rama’s invitation is as sincere as he was on May 17.

There must be morale and legitimacy before citizens can vote. If the SP and PD will form a coalition, let the citizens be sure when they vote now. The SMI will form a coalition with the SP let them do it now.”

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