Property certification battle

30/04/2011 19:45

The Tirana Municipality considers a lie the new declaration of the Democratic Party candidate for the Tirana Municipality, who promised to release the property certifications for the new apartment buildings.

The Tirana vice Mayor, Albana Dhimitri, declared that Mr. Basha himself has removed the competence of property certification from the Tirana Municipality, with article 28 of the law number 9482, when he was Minister of Public Works.

“Lulëzim Basha, with the title of Minister of Public Works, changed the law of property certification in 2006, relieving the Municipality from all the rights for legalizing apartment buildings that had infringed construction permissions. We can provide all respective documentation for 400 apartment buildings that Basha has officially sent to the Agency of Legalization, Urbanization and Integration of Informal Constructions and Areas, starting from 2008. This government withholds the Tirana citizens from prosperity, by refusing to give them the property certifications”, Dhimitri declared.

The Spokesperson for Mr. Basha reacted by repeating the promise that the Democratic Party candidate made one day ago.

“Edi Rama proved today that he is determined to follow his old policy of pointing the finger and refusing to take any responsibility. The issue of the property certification has remained unsolved exactly because the Tirana municipality has not done its job. Basha is committed that during the first six months of the mandate, he will release all property certifications for the Tirana citizens who live in those apartments but are not legal owners. Lulzim Basha guarantees once again that on November 15th of this year, all citizens will receive their property certifications”, Anila Bisha declared.

The legalization of illegal construction is part of the “Legalization Law” that has started two years ago. The process is still at the phase when only some of the benefiting names have been published, but no property certification has been officially released.

The frequent amendments of this law have excluded the local administration from any decision making, since this is a competence of the Legalization Agency which is totally under the control of the government.

The local administration currently has only a mediating role of collecting documentation.

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