Habilaj case on Top Story, Artan Hoxha: “Albanian Prosecution has not acted”

20/10/2017 03:30

Journalist Artan hoxha said on Top Story that he is skeptic about how events about the Habilaj case are being developed.

“This is more of a media and political storm, rather than concrete actions from the Albanian investigation institutions, as long as the Prosecution General and the Serious Crimes have not started their investigation”, Hoxha said.

According to Hoxha, the files from Catania should have been taken already.

“I am skeptic because the matter will go through the political sphere. The opposition raises alarms, rightfully so, but they need to pressure the Prosecutor General. If the Prosecution doesn’t start investigating, no Albanian official will ever be punished”, Hoxha says.

Basir Çollaku, on the other hand, declared on Top Story that Tahiri appears involved in this affair, based on the facts and three-year-long reports.

“These cousins have Tahiri’s support to continue these affairs. This gang dealt with heroin and cocaine. They had accumulated considerable amounts of money and power. It’s not good that the case comes from Italy, when I have information that this has been in Albania as well”, Çollaku declared.

He added that the police and criminal leaders meet with each other to share their profits and jobs.

“Where are the Fier and Vlora police chiefs? Their failure to act has forced Italians to come here and tell us that something is going on here”, Çollaku said.

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