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Bojaxhi: “Butrint Park must manage rehabilitation on its own”

12/10/2017 00:00

The Forum for the Protection of Cultural Heritage supports improving the
service quality that are offered by the National Park of Butrint, but
these services should not be done as an agreement between politicians
and business groups.

“If there is such a demand for these services, it means that it has to be very lucrative. The state institutions, such as the Butrint Park, should be able to manage rehabilitation with their own money. The fact that the Ministry has not sent a development plan to the UNESCO means that they are rushing it to accomplish a few private interests, which do not benefit to the park”, declared Gjergj Bojaxhi.

According to Bojaxhi, this matter should be depoliticized. “It is shameful that parties are trying to politicize it, because both parties have administered this sector in the past 12 years”, Bojaxhi declared.

The forum points its finger to the Ministry of Culture, accusing them of badly managing culture heritage objects.

“The Ministry understands that they have failed with the management of this object, but also for many other cultural objects, as the Kruja Hamam, where hundreds of thousands of Euros were invested but no one has visited and used it, because it doesn’t operate”, Bojaxhi declared.

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