Belgrade’s losses by the embargo

11/08/2011 15:40

The economic embargo between Kosovo and Serbia will cause the loss of
half a billion of Euro for Serbia, while the effect for Kosovo
businesses is not felt yet.

Serbian officials have declared that the crisis will not affect the country’s economy too much, although they expect the goods to be unblocked soon. Another topic expected to be discussed on September 5th meetings is the trade issue.

Although there is the possibility of exporting to Kosovo from other countries, the procedure would be much harder. Petrashin Jakovljevic, director of the “Metallac” Company declared that the problem would be with the declaration of the goods’ origin, not with the country where these goods came from.

According to him, this would be inconvenient for Kosovo government too, because it damages the market. However, non-official statistics from several NGOs show that 40% of the goods that Kosovo imported from Serbia are still coming into the country by avoiding taxes.

The economic blockage has increased the interest of other countries on Kosovo Market, especially that of Montenegro.

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